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10 September 2007 @ 12:36 am
Contest #2  

Here is our second contest, I hope everyone will join this time ^_^

And the themes are:
1. Recent picture of Die and Shinya (You can choose any recent picture you like but be ware of the credits)
2. Texture.
3. This picture of Shinya.
4. Fun.

• Feel free to interpret the themes and use the picture any way you like.
• You can make up to three icons and/or banners.
• Your icons or banners can be of Die, Shinya or DiexShinya.
• The size for the banners is 385x198.
• Post your submissions to this post. Remember to post both the image and the url.
• You have two weeks time to post your submissions.
• If you have any questions check the user info or leave a comment here.
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