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For the love of Die and Shinya

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Die, Shinya and graphics
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This is a community dedicated to Andou Daisuke, the guitarist of the band Dir en grey, and Terachi Shinya, the drummer of the band Dir en grey as well as the fictional pairing of DiexShinya/ShinyaxDie.
This is a free community for everyone. Anyone can join, either to just see the graphics or to post their own graphics as well.
All the graphics must be either Die, Shinya or DiexShinya related. No graphics of any other pairing or other members of Dir en grey are allowed.
You can post here icons, banners, headers, signatures, wallpapers, layouts... basically all kinds of graphics are allowed as long as they are of Die, Shinya or DiexShinya.
When posting your graphics remember to use the LJ cut. You can leave up to three icons or one other smaller graphic above the cut as teasers and put the rest under the cut.
Remember to comment and credit if you use someone's graphics, or just comment if you like them.
Absolutely no bashing of anyone's graphics. If you don't like something then don't comment, or at least offer polite constructive criticism to help them improve.
Contests are announced every two weeks by the mods.
There will be other contests every once in a while as well.
Participating in the contests is not necessary, you can just post your own graphics and ignore the contests if you don't feel like participating.
Enjoy your stay! ^^
There will be a contest every two weeks, announced by the mods. You'll have those two weeks time to participate.
Every contests has three different themes to choose from.
You can make either icons or banners for the contests. They need to be yours, made for the contest and not shown to anyone before the contest has ended.
Your icons or banners can be of Die, Shinya or DiexShinya.
You can post up to 3 icons and/or banners to each contests.
The size for the banners is 385x198.
Post your submissions to the contest post. Remember to post both the image and the url. The comments will be screened.
When the contest has ended the mods will post your submissions to the community and you get to vote for the winners. The comments will be screened.
You'll need to vote for three icons/banners. Your first choice gets three points, the second two points and the third one point. Though, if we get less submission this rule may change.
You can't vote for yourself.
All the winners receive a banner, made by either of the mods. We'll be asking the winners for the pictures they used for their submissions to make the banners from.
The one who gets the first place can also suggest a theme for upcoming challenges.
If you need to contact the mods or have a question about the community you can either use the Shout-Out Entry or our e-mail addresses.
luvyuyu ~ honybee@gmail.com
melinen/daishimel ~ daishimel@gmail.com

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